This site is about the "2x2 Church" which arrogantly calls itself "the truth."
They want you to believe that their church has been around "since the beginning."
But they will lie in order to convince you. The truth is, this church started in 1897.
This site tells the truth about "the truth" since those in charge of "the truth" do not.
Leaving the Two by Twos

William Irvine
founder of the 2x2 church

January 7, 1863 - March 9, 1947
January 7, 2015
152nd anniversary of the birth of William Irvine

Founder of the 2x2 "workers" church

Suggested slogan:
If you don't also worship the workers
we'll come kick you out
and then tell you we love you.

Hey 2x2s, this guy started your church.
Is he not worthy the same adulation that you give the ministry he started?


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Interesting Fact:
Some in the 2x2 church will rent a hotel room specifically to watch the Super Bowl each year.

The take-away from this is that it is perfectly acceptable to watch TV in a hotel room, but it's a sin to have one in your own living room.

Go figure.

Any church which bases its origin on a LIE — or conceals its history in a cover-up — has no business calling itself the "TRUTH."
Heavenly Father, we pray for John that his eyes might be opened and that he might be set free from the bondage of being a worker.