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How The Friends & Workers Treat You After Leaving The 2x2s
Ex-2x2 Architect Lays Out Living Witness Doctrine
FBI investigating religious sect operating in Bay Area following alleged child sex abuse
WA/NID/AK workers reject setting up CSA guidelines
Addicted Professing 2x2 Found Jesus through TV, Not Gospel Meetings
Alan shares His Story Leaving Meetings
Alan shares how Grace changed his life
Nearly 70 Years Going to Meetings
Advocates for the Truth - Town Hall - April 27, 2024
Advocates for the Truth - Town Hall - April 18, 2024
Open Discussion with Bob and Stacy Bainbridge (Woodstock, NB)
Merissa Shares Her Story
Marty & Beth Share God's Deliverance From Legalism
After a Lifetime of Meetings, Monte found Jesus
Sheri Autrey - Survivor
Lauren Rohs and The Height of Complicity
Abused as a child by an ex-worker whose behavior was covered up for YEARS by overseers
After 40 Years in the Work, God Delivered Him Out
Surviving grooming, abuse, trafficking, and betrayal
A victim of terrifying abuse Rhonda is resilient, courageous and a powerful advocate
Cherie spent 30 YEARS researching the 2x2 Truth Church
After 25 years going to meetings, I share why I had to leave
My Unfiltered Thoughts on Recent Overseers Letter
AFTT Town Hall - FBI Investigation
Accountability and Corruption in Leadership within the 2x2 Truth Church
Cynthia Liles Private Investigator of Institutional Abuse
60 Minutes Australia
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